Gas Price and Gas Limit explained

We talked about the requirements to play CryptoKitties:

  • Ether: a cryptocurrency and the only currency accepted by CryptoKitties
  • Coinbase: a platform for buying and selling Ether
  • MetaMask: a wallet to hold your Ether and transact in the game

Now, let’s talk about gas.

Unlike our current payment systems, Ethereum transactions do not happen and complete in real time. This means that you have to put in the request, wait for the transaction (contract) to happen, get the confirmation of success, and THEN see your updated activity in CryptoKitties.

Every play you make in the game—buying, selling, putting up for sire, breeding— is a transaction (contract), and must be entered and validated in the blockchain. Miners (real people who love making super powerful computers) execute your request in the Ethereum network until it’s successfully completed.

Gas is a small fee in Ether that you pay for miners to execute your request on the blockchain.

Failed Transactions

If you do not allocate the right amount of gas (small amount of Ether to make the transaction happen), the miner might run out of gas and your transaction will fail. If a transaction fails, you lose the Ether you paid to the miner.

How do I know what gas price and limit to set?

The best way to calculate the right gas limit at the right price is by checking this ETH Gas Station‘s recommended price and gas limit before submitting the transaction.

Time to get pumpin’ that gas! Good luck!

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