What is Coinbase? [Sign up bonus inside]

Think of Coinbase as the stockbroker that lets you buy and sell cryptocurrency—specifically Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Currently, the only way to invest and play CryptoKitties is with the digital currency Ether (ETH).

Coinbase lets you convert your money into Ether so you can play. Getting started is super simple.

Here’s the step by step:

1. Go to Coinbase and open an account (For a $10 sign up bonus, click here.)

2. Fill the form and click on Sign Up

3. Go to Buy/Sell on your navigation menu

4. Make sure you select Ethereum!

5. Add a payment method. Bank account transfers take up to 5 business days, so if you’re ready to play, I recommend adding a debit or credit card.

6. Select the amount of USD you want to spend, it will show you how much Ether you’d be getting. I recommend that you start with $45-$60 to buy two kitties and have enough money left to breed them.

7. Confirm the transaction and give it 10-15 minutes if you chose card (3-5 days if you chose bank account) for the currency to be in your wallet.

That was easy right? Well, that was the hardest part.

Now, let’s set up MetaMask so you can use your new Ethereum to play CryptoKitties! Here’s a link on how to set up MetaMask.

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