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I’ve learned a lot about CryptoKitties thanks to this subreddit. It’s earned me a decent profit. Time for me to give back to the community. (And from a selfish angle, if I can encourage more people into the game, it helps me make more profit too).

Note: I don’t claim this is the most efficient way to make a profit. I just know it’s worked for me. Please feel free to make suggestions for improvement.

The key to making a profit is to produce kitties with rare traits.

The best way I’ve found (so far) to do that is to breed 2 cats that already have the trait. For example, breeding 2 cats with Jaguar is very likely to produce kittens with Jaguar. I’d say about 80% likely.

Hint: See which are the rarest traits using either of these 2 sites:

1. Selecting a rare trait to buy.

I would pick a trait in the top 10 or top 15 at most.

2. How I value my cats.

I trust the wisdom of the market to set prices. I usually set the start price at about 1.5x what I think the cat will actually sell for, and set the ending price pretty low, sometimes even just 0.02 ETH. Personally, I prefer it if my cats sell on the first attempt, even if they sell very cheap.

This opens up opportunities for bargain hunters – people who search the market looking for cats which are undervalued and immediately resell them.

3. How to do a precise search to value your cat.

Do a search of the marketplace which includes the Gen, Cooldown, and the cat’s rarest trait. For example:

Gen:5 Cooldown:Snappy Jaguar

Then sort the results by cheapest first. I usually set my starting price somewhere around the values shown on the first page. And my ending price is usually below the cheapest cat. I usually use a time of 0.5 days, mainly because prices decrease so rapidly.

As an extra check, do a wider search by taking out the cooldown. This helps you to confirm your intended pricing is about right. For example:

Gen:5 Jaguar

Before you start

Check the prices of cats both at the gen you want to buy, and the gens you’ll be selling the children at. I usually use the top row of the first page of results, cheapest first. Do some calculations and work out how many children you need to sell in order to make a profit.

How many cats do you need?

You can start with just 2 cats and sell all their direct offspring. Remember you can’t breed immediate family members (parents with children or sibling with a sibling).

What Gen should you buy?

First, work out how much money you are prepared to spend. I would then set aside half that money for buying your initial cats, and half of it for breeding/selling costs. Now that you know how much money you will spend on your first cats, pick the gen closest to zero that you can afford.

You probably need to aim for Gen 2 to Gen 6. But some traits (like Wingtips) still sell nicely up to Gen 9.

Other tips:

I always buy cats with the fastest cooldown I can afford.

I sell my breeding cats once they reach Plodding cooldown. And I sell my non-breeding cats as virgins.

With any junk children (no rare traits), I set the ending price very low, maybe 0.008 (same as breeding price). I don’t care if they sell at a slight loss, I just want them gone!

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