Snowball Galore Winter’s Festival CryptoKitties Giveaway

The CryptoKitties team is hosting the very first official CryptoKitties giveaway contest!

Contest rules

Vote by using the like button (NEW FEATURE!!) on the kitties you find weird, beautiful, cute, or simply adorable. Ends on December 24th 2017 12:00 GMT

The prizes

The top three most liked kitties will be rewarded 1 ETH, 0.70 ETH, 0.30 ETH in that respective order (plus each will get a gen 0 kitty).

In addition to the top three winners, three more winners will be randomly selected from the most liked category ranging from the 4th to the 1000th place to win a gen 0 kitty each.

In total there will be six winners:

1st place = 1 ETH + Gen 0 kitty

2nd place = 0.70 ETH + Gen 0 kitty

3rd place = 0.30 ETH + Gen 0 kitty

3 randomly selected winners from the top 4-1000 most likes will receive a gen 0 kitty

This contest ends on December 24, 2017, 24:00:00 GMT and the prizes will be distributed by December 26, 2018.

Disclaimer: The use of a bot or a tool in order to game this contest is not allowed and the address or player will be immediately disqualified.

Get an extra vote right meow!

Vote for my kitty here and send me a message through this contact form with a link to your kitty in the message body. I’ll return the favor stat 🙂

Good luck!

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