Alien Kitties are here

Meet Kitty #372053, the first alien in CryptoKitties.

What does alien look like? I doubt anyone would miss this, but just in case, pay attention to the *eyes*.

Breeding assumptions

In terms of the latest breeding experiments, no obvious assumptions yet, as both parents had traits that had been bred together before and did not result in the alien cattribute.

What we know:

  • Both parents are gen 0
  • Both parents have the googly cattribute
  • Both parents have the sandalwood cattribute

What now? Science.

Thanks to @kaigani, we’ve been able to learn a lot about decoding the CryptoKitties genome by retrieving gene numbers from the smart contracts and experimenting with the genome in binary format instead. You can read all about cracking—and decoding—the code here.

CryptoKittydex created this guide for easy reference that isolates each trait by gene.

UPDATE: Bun in oven. Alien Kitty is expecting… more updates to come shortly.

UPDATE 2: Alien Kitty reproduced three times. No alien kitty’s born.

UPDATE 3: Alien Kitty on sale now starting at 12 ETH and ending at 2 ETH in 10 hours.

Before you start breeding

The alien gene is recessive. This means it’s likely not passed on to the offspring. This means the trait is likely to stay rare and maintain its value (similar to royalblue) as long as the parental gene combination is not decoded.


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