New cattribute: Manx!

[Last updated: Dec 13 9:54 am PST, scroll to parent assumptions for new learnings]

Let’s welcome Kitty #285374 to our world, a gen 11 breed owned by Satoshia.

This is the first kitty with the shiny new cattribute Manx.

Here’s the link to the cat:

Notice something missing?

Manx cattribute means no tail!

Here are Kitty #285374’s cattributes:

Parental mix assumptions:

[UPDATE: this new Manx kitty was born without fancy cat involved – December 13 9:54 am PST]

[UPDATE: this second Manx kitty was just born from persian + fancy cat (non-dracula) parents – December 13 1:17 am PST]

1. Persian + gerbil/shadowgrey

2. Persian + fancy cat (any)

3. Persian + dracula

4. Persian + non-fancy cat with fancy heritage (tons of these in the marketplace, but search is tedious and assumption risky)

There are also assumptions that ragdoll + cottoncandy or belleblue lead to persian.

Please send tips if you figure it out! I’ll update the post as we find more learnings.

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