New Cattributes: Amur, Sandalwood

Meet Kitty #324883, the first amur + sandalwood in CryptoKitties.

Not surprisingly, Kitty #324883 is a Gen 0 kitty born with both traits.

What does each look like?

Amur: adorable splash of dots in various color

Sandalwood: color of the kitty’s chest

Breeding assumptions

In terms of the latest breeding experiments, here are the assumptions that lead to each of the new cattributes:


Ragdoll + recessive genes

Ragdoll + royal blue

Ragdoll + belleblue


Sandalwood + Ragdoll

Sandalwood + Persian

Persian + Ragdoll

Before you go and start breeding

BOTH cattributes seem easily passed on to offspring (unlike royalblue, for example, that is rarely passed on). This means that within the next 24 hours the market will be inundated by amurs and sandalwoods and the prices will drop. For these types of genes, I recommend aiming to breed and selling offspring vs buying with the trait.

Have fun!

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