New features: view all tags + filters

Two major updates went live in the game today:

  1. View all searchable tags
  2. Filters

Let’s go over each one and why they’re game changers.

View all searchable tags

Now you can see how many kitties there are with specific cattributes in real time. We love CryptoKittydex and still find it insanely useful for many, many purposes, but with the view all searchable tag update, you can have the latest data without leaving the site.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Go to the CryptoKitties marketplace

2. Click on the search bar

3. This drop down option will pop up, click on “view all searchable tags”

4. Enjoy having all cattributes available at a glance and scroll down for the most rare ones 🙂


Filters are cool, but they will only let you pick one answer for each filter category.

What’s even cooler is that there’s a workaround. Let’s talk about how to use both.

1. Filtering is pretty simple, just search for your term (usually will be a cattribute) and click on the Filter results button.

2. To add more than one filter per category:

  • Manually type the filters in the search bar after the “category:” field
  • Make sure there are NO SPACES
  • Add a comma after each word
  • Do leave spaces between categories

It should look something like this:

category:trait1,trait2 category2:trait1,trait2


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